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Crochet Neckpieces

This week I’ve been rather busy experimenting with crochet necklaces  and chasing after Jasmine who has decided that wool and trainers are her favoure toys which she has to run off with to hide and chew them, mischievous little dog.    I’ve discovered an array of brilliant patterns  that combine thread and gems in artisctic designs. But also there have been some  very definite failures that were scrapped before completion either due to being too complicated for me to follow or that I just didn’t like the way they were turning out.  Practice, practice, practice then I can share some more with you.  Ignore the rather gingerly looking colour of my hair it is long past due a re-dye to go back to its usual brilliantly bright red.

I’ve come up with my top 3 so far (listed in no particular order). My favourite patterns were all found on Ravelry and I picked them for their beautiful simplicity:

Mesh neckpiece : http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mesh-crochet-necklace by Stefanie Fail.
A wonderfully simple pattern which makes a dramatic neckpiece.  As it only uses chain stitches and single crochet it is suitable for beginner crocheters.  This is perfect for crocheting whilst petting the dog, watching TV and talking to the other half all at the same time – just remember to reduce by one stitch at the end and beginning of each row.


For my version I used King Cole haze yarn which is black with silver glitter running through – just beautiful for a hint of glimmer.  I also  added a glass bead to the end which helped with the drooping of the necklace.
This necklace screams out to be made in a variety of colours and threadweights for different occasions it was so quick and easy to make.   Watch this space for more as I’ve just “won” some silver Spritz  yarn on ebay which would be perfect for this.

Crochet neckfrill:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruffled-crochet-bib-necklace by Stefanie Fail
An easy to follow pattern.    I however wasn’t sure where exactly the sections were meant to be attached and when I put it together my necklace hung weird so I need to work on attaching it together better.


I used a grey stylecraft DK yarn for simple elegance.  Although I still need to block the necklace and attack the sections more firmly.

Folded crochet necklace: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Velda

gia/folded-lace-necklace by Lia Govers.
Another easy to follow pattern.  Suitable to beginners who can follow a basic pattern than uses dcs sc and chain stitches.  Rows repeat so its an easy project to do whilst watching the TV.



My necklace needs blocking to really look its best.  I also think I missed a row somewhere as my necklace seems much smaller than the pattern.  Although this could be due to the fine fingerweight thread I used.   If i did this one again I would use a thicker DK yarn.