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Pink Sparkly Mobile Cover

  My mobile was in desperate  need of jazzing up – so dull and grey.  Therefore a new pink purple and sparkly cover was in order.

Hows its made :  I used a pattern from Lisemore as my inspiration as it was so simple and cute: http://lise63.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/mobilvesker.html

Basically all you need to do is chain to fit around the phone.    Treble crochet (uk)  in the round until its the height you want and decorate.   This pattern is great as you can hide all your colour changes on the inside with minimal weaving in of ends. I added a trimming using single crochet around the top with some fluffy pink sparkly bobbly  wool I’d been saving for special decorations.  And a picot flower for some floral goodness.

I’m now able to search out the phone from within my  very very cluttered handbag.