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A month of hats

February was filled with making hats.  Cold winds over the hills where I walk my dog made hats a necessity over February’s snowy days.   So I made just a few, to vary my head warm and decoration.  These were great instant gratification projects, none taking longer than a few days.

1. Give it a Whirl Hat by Adrienne Lash  – super easy quick crochet hat.  I used a Black DK acrylic yarn combined with one strand 2ply burgundy acrylic for the stripe part.  I modified this hat pattern using dc (tc) instead of sc (dc) and reduced the number of rows accordingly.  Chained 65 to start.  I  also did front loop only on even rows – this means hat has definite inside and outside.  These modifications gave the hat  a thicker less pronounced swirl.
 ( I wasn’t paying attention to the clash of reds between the scarf, my hair and this hat – that morning!)
2. Slouchy Beehive Hat by Flora Cheung – my first knitted hat.   I’m really pleased with how neat this one turned out.   This pattern was easy to follow for a beginner and used knit and purl ribbing to form the ridges.   I modified the pattern to fit my smaller head with 64 co and only 4 repeats. Used aprox 50g of black flecked Sirdar Prize Aran.  A lovely warm snuggly hat with a cute little point at the top – it really does look like a beehive.
3. Shroom by Lee Juvan – simple, quick and chunky knitted hat.  I used 1 strand of grey Wendy Aran with Wool with 1 strand of dark grey 2ply. Next time I will use thicker overall yarn to achieve a bulkier pattern.
4. Regina by Carina Spencer – I just love this hat – its super cute.  The pattern was a bit of a challenge for me as I’m still learning to knit and follow patterns.  I-cords, ribbing, picking up stitches, stitch markers – lots of learning but so interesting to do. I liked the fit as you go, although suggested measurements are also provided in the pattern . I used Stylecraft Inspiration Brushed Chunky for the bottom as I loved the colour and feel although next time I would use a smoother yarn for more stitch definition. For the top I used mix of 3 black yarns, 1 dk and 2 2ply.  I plan to make another of this one in different colours.
(The flash washed this photo out – the hat trim is a super bright pink! in a shade which complements the pink tones in my hair)
5. Sugar Cone Skully Hat by Julie King – a super super quick crochet mesh hat.   Very easy to do it probably took less than an hour to make.   I used black dk and grey 2ply held together throughout. On some rows I added in a strand of King Cole Haze Glitter yarn for a bit of sparkle.   Due to the open mesh this is a lighter more spring-time hat than the others.
 So if you fancy a quick knitting or crocheting fix try out one of these fabulous patterns for a cute hat.   I’ve more hats in my que as these are so addictive to make.  And a girl can never have too many accessories.

Scarves or Freeform yarn, colour, stitch and texture experimentations

Don’t you just love scarves?  So versatile and perfect for accessorising any outfit.  They can add a touch of glamor, fun, urban warmth or sophistication.  I can wear them in any weather, light silky neckties in the summer and chunky warm snugglable scarves in the winter.  Recently I’ve become addicted to making them.   Stash busting whilst experimenting with colour mixing, stitch sampling and texture  to create unique wearable pieces.

Two were made as Xmas gifts.  A pink and black, lacy free-form crochet scarf “this is what makes us girls” for my sister.  A glamorous purple chunky wool and velvet knitted scarf  “deep purple”  for my mum.

Two I made for myself as a fantastic way to practice knitting and to sample a couple of Jane Thornley’s fabulous patterns.  I’m really loving the free-range, no mistakes only design features style that Jane advocates.  Perfect for learning to knit without the pressure of nothing turning out right.   I added crochet borders to my scarves adding my own freeform touch.   The scarf recipes are available free through Ravelry or Jane’s website. 


Pink, butterflies, black lace, tassels, sequins, animal print beads, lacy crochet, feather boa fluff – this is what makes us girls. Freeform crochet scarf made with a multitude of pink, black and purple yarns then decorated with beads, butterfly’s and tassels.  Xmas 2012 gift for my wonderful sister.

Deep Purple Scarf. I used the holiday scarf recipe by Jane Thornley as a start point to the scarf. Such fun to knit with thick, fancy yarns.  Following this “recipe”. I used a range of different purple/pink yarns including chunky wool, mohair, velvety ribbon and DK. I differed from the recipe by including strips of crochet as well as knitting in the main long center piece. I also added a crochet border then decorated with a velvet flower.

Blue Stary Scarf – Blue knitted scarf inspired by Jane Thornley’s creations.  With a crochet border and star beads to add a bit of dazzle.

Will She Trick or Treat?  Knit and crochet scarf.  Adapted from Jane Thornley’s ‘Fresh-Baked Squash’ scarf recipe.  I used orange and black yarns in a mixture of DK, sparkley, mohair, boulce.  A very Halloween feeling scarf 🙂 

As I was working with DK weight yarns rather than aaran I added to the middle, 1 row drop stitch (k2 wrap 2), then 1 row knit the k2. Followed by 1 row sead stitch. This was then reversed before again following Jane’s pattern. I used similar toned yarns for the reverse section. I added a row of single crochet to tidy up the scarf edges and make it ruffle a bit more.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has a fabulously crafty 2013.

I made this freeform Xmas tree to decorate mums dining room at Xmas.   It was  such fun to take part in the  UK Freeformers Xmas Challenge.  Check out the other beautiful Xmas tree entries on the Ravelry Forums.

The trees a mixture of knitting and crochet pieces in about 15 different green yarns.  I decorated it with bronze charms, glitter thread tinsel and beads to give it a steampunk feel.

Close-up showing bronze charm decorations

Fragments Freeform Hat

I can’t believe its over a month since I last posted.  I’ve been so busy making Xmas pressies for people.  Which I’ll wait until I’ve given them out to post on here so not to spoil any surprises.  There’s even some knitting sprinkled through my creations 🙂 This month has been spent  learning to knit and I’m finding it rather relaxing.  I just love my big red plastic needles, very funky and comfortable to use with chunky wool that means I can progress quite quickly.  I tried a bit of my fingering (2ply) yarn but that was far too fiddley so I think I’ll leave the lacey look for crochet whilst I practice knitting with the big soft fluffy stuff.

I had a bit of a splash out and purchased a copy of Jenny Dowde’s Freeform Knitting and Crochet so I could venture more into free-form and get ideas and techniques for “taking your yarn for a walk”.  Its an ace introduction to freeform for newbies like me which gives an overview of all the different parts of the process of creating items from yarn filled with gorgeous inspirational pictures.   Jenny encourages you to experiment with design, try out new things and create your own beautiful piecves of fibre art.  I have several favourite bits of the book already and still haven’t finished reading it all!!. She gives some instructions on creating scrumbles/fragments, taking you through the process stitch by stitch.  It’s great to have some scrumble templates  to use as a start point for creating my own.  One chapter covers details of some funky fx and different stitches she uses in her freeform creations and another details connecting pieces together and different techniques.  Again this is really good for reference and to get a good grip on the how-to’s of freeform. There’s also a selection of projects with how-to’s which I think are a great base point for creating your own freeform marvels.   They are different from patterns as no detailed instructions are given rather these give an overview of how each project was made and ideas for making your  own. These are lovely pieces that agive ideas for where you can go with freeform.  I’d highly recommend the book to people new to freeform, asit really breaks free-form down into managable chunks showing you how to create your own.  Perfect for if you are thinking of giving  freeform a go and would like a bit of guidance on where to start.   Some of the pics from the book can also be seen on Jenny Dowde’s blog.

My Fragment Beret

My hat obsession was fed by the how-to for the  fragments beret in Freeform Knitting and Crochet.   So I decided  this would be my first creation inspired by the book.  I used a  variety of black and blue/green/turquoise yarns.  About 10 different textures I think which included DK, eyelash, lurex metal threaded yarn, chunky and 2-ply.    Instructions from Fragment 2 were used as a start point for creating my scrumbles using a mix of knitting and crochet but I varied with the stitches used from the template given.  I prefered to start with a knitted fragment then add on crochet around it.    Each scrumble contained a mix of the yarns and I tried to balance out colour and texture through the overall piece.  I used a crochet hat I had made previously as my template and safety pinned fragments/scrumbles onto it. I added a bead to each scrumble – 7 in total.  Then joined them together using sc on either inside to hide the join or outside when I wanted a ridge.  Holes were filled in using dc/tc.  Finally I used 4 types of black yarn and made a band to fit it onto my head.  As I crocheted the band I checked it fit by trying on every row.  I’m really pleased with how its turned out.  Its lovely and warm and great for covering the ears against the bitterly cold weather.