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I  always end up stumped when it comes to thinking of original gifts for my partners birthday.   He gets clothes every time…..  But I couldn’t resist trying out my new craftiness hobby to make him something a bit different.  I’d already been warned that a crochet hat and scarf would not be warmly received.   Especially if I dared to make him and the dog matching ones hehe.  So that left me scratching my head and hunting for inspiration when I came upon the absolutely cutest little amigurumi baby dragon:   Pattern available through Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-snow-dragon

As a total novice to toy making this was a bit of a challenge but I persevered detirmined to make an orignial gift.    My stitches were too loose so the stuffing showed through, but rather than restarting this turned into a feature.  The green stitches with black sock stuffing gave a great scale effect.  To turn the dragon into a dinosaur I omitted the eyebrows, ears and spines and instead shaped the head to be a little longer and added a fatter tail and a bright golden flower.

Awsome recycling of old worn out socks for the filling was very budget and envionment friendly – double bonus.  And the toy was small enough to make using left over ends of wool.   I just have to make a snow dragon version for myself to add to my dragon collection.

It was happily recieved by my partner and now gaurds his D&D dice set.  I even learned a new florasaurus fact from him: All florasauruses have flowers around their necks to signify they are peaceful t-rexes that only eat bad monsters, not people or cute little doggys. 😀