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Sunshine Butterflies

We’ve had tons of glorious sunshine lately which has been fantastic.   Jasmine finally can go out on walks now her vaccinations are all sorted. Lots and lots of fun has been had exploring the local parks and fields.   Her personality has really come out in the few weeks since we got her from the Rescue Centre and now she’s tearing around the place like a proper little terrier filling my life with amusement and showing the true stubborness and selective deafness that JRs are known for.  More work is needed before she realises that I am the boss of this household at all times and she can’t just listen to me when it suits her, which has earned her the nickname of “little princess”.  She’s kept the sweet side of her personality too and loves her cuddles or to curl up and sleep on my lap.  But all my playing with the” little princess” has left little time for crocheting this week.


Me and Jasmine relaxing in the park.


“Princess” Jasmine being carried to the vets pre-vaccinations

I finally managed to block the butterfly that I made my mum as a thankyou for getting me Jas.  However it would still benefit from a starching.    This wonderful pattern is available here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/delicate-crochet-butterfly .  I found the stitches easy to do but needed to pay very close attention to every stitch to make sure I got it all in the right order.   Not a pattern to try and follow when sleepy..  The resulting butterfly is so intricate and beautiful it is worth spending the time to get it right. A  few more in reds and creams are planned to decorate my bedroom.  These are so versatile I can see them used as a doily or as added decorations on objects such as bags and lampshades.  I just have to cover my house in them to satisfy my butterfly obsession.   Perhaps in a nice glittery thread to add more sparkle to my life.


Green butterfly doily

I’ve also been testing out old crochet patterns for trims and collars to find what works for necklace designs.  I’m starting to get the hang of crocheting with a tiny hook and thin thread and to see which ones I like the look of when hung.  This has resulted in quite a few scrapped projects that are in my wip bag so I can look at them for inspiration of what works etc.