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Sunshine Butterflies

We’ve had tons of glorious sunshine lately which has been fantastic.   Jasmine finally can go out on walks now her vaccinations are all sorted. Lots and lots of fun has been had exploring the local parks and fields.   Her personality has really come out in the few weeks since we got her from the Rescue Centre and now she’s tearing around the place like a proper little terrier filling my life with amusement and showing the true stubborness and selective deafness that JRs are known for.  More work is needed before she realises that I am the boss of this household at all times and she can’t just listen to me when it suits her, which has earned her the nickname of “little princess”.  She’s kept the sweet side of her personality too and loves her cuddles or to curl up and sleep on my lap.  But all my playing with the” little princess” has left little time for crocheting this week.


Me and Jasmine relaxing in the park.


“Princess” Jasmine being carried to the vets pre-vaccinations

I finally managed to block the butterfly that I made my mum as a thankyou for getting me Jas.  However it would still benefit from a starching.    This wonderful pattern is available here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/delicate-crochet-butterfly .  I found the stitches easy to do but needed to pay very close attention to every stitch to make sure I got it all in the right order.   Not a pattern to try and follow when sleepy..  The resulting butterfly is so intricate and beautiful it is worth spending the time to get it right. A  few more in reds and creams are planned to decorate my bedroom.  These are so versatile I can see them used as a doily or as added decorations on objects such as bags and lampshades.  I just have to cover my house in them to satisfy my butterfly obsession.   Perhaps in a nice glittery thread to add more sparkle to my life.


Green butterfly doily

I’ve also been testing out old crochet patterns for trims and collars to find what works for necklace designs.  I’m starting to get the hang of crocheting with a tiny hook and thin thread and to see which ones I like the look of when hung.  This has resulted in quite a few scrapped projects that are in my wip bag so I can look at them for inspiration of what works etc.



I was shocked and pleasantly amazed to see I’ve been nominated for a blog award in the first week of blogging.  Huge thank you and sparkly fantasy cookies to Millie on her World for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I’m truly honoured.

I had a bit of a delay with replying to the nomination as I was unsure what I should do – but now think I have this creatively inhand 🙂

7 facts about me:
My wavy hair is dyed extremely bright red,  with purple tones underneath.

I have a wheat allergy – this gives me a great excuse to continually experiment with gluten free cake recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Cooking is a passion and I’m always trying out new recipes I find browsing the internet.

I play MMOs (after my partner lured me into playing an online game and got me addicted).

I’m untidy and a hoarder with a collection of bright glittery sparkly things that would enchant a magpie which I just have to keep in case I need them one day.

My biggest achievement  is getting my degree in biology from the Open University.    I studied via distance learning  whilst  working full time but every sacrifice was worth it as I learned so much.

Loosing myself in Sci-fi or fantasy is the perfect way for me to spend an evening whether burying my head in a book or watching a great film on TV.   I just need to develop the ability to read on my kindle and crochet at the same time.

Blog nominations:
I’ve already found an array of wonderfully  inspiring blogs.  Here are my nominations (from my first week of being here) and what I found on them that I adored.
http://uniquecrochet.wordpress.com/  Beautiful crocheted baby items
http://craftgirl78.wordpress.com/ Wonderful motifs and flowers
http://neldee.com/ awesome crochet hats
http://thestitchsharer.wordpress.com/  Amazing cozys and stitch instructions
http://crochetaulait.wordpress.com/  Fantastic how-tos on making yarn
http://divinedebrisjewelry.wordpress.com/ exquisite crochet earings
http://martasdomesticgoddessproject.com/ Food glorious food

http://notyouraveragecrochet.wordpress.com/ Gorgous crochet

I look forward to discovering even more  interesting blogs in my future weeks here.


Hi I’m Veldagia and over the past couple of months I’ve become addicted to wool. From thin sparkly cotton thread that slips between your fingers to fluffy chunks that warmly wrap you up. Anything I can get my hands on to manipulate with a little hook into delightful creations. I spend far too much time browsing online looking for the next bargain to add to my ever expanding stash. Or dragging my reluctant better half after me whilst I have to feel every yarn, assess every colour in the local habidashery. I’ve found that with one little hook and a ball of wool I can express my creativity and satisfy my cravings for unique handmade art. So I can often be found crocheting away whilst watching TV and sipping tea. This blog is a little extra sprinkling on top to share my love of crochet with the online community.

Happy yarning