Happy New Year

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has a fabulously crafty 2013.

I made this freeform Xmas tree to decorate mums dining room at Xmas.   It was  such fun to take part in the  UK Freeformers Xmas Challenge.  Check out the other beautiful Xmas tree entries on the Ravelry Forums.

The trees a mixture of knitting and crochet pieces in about 15 different green yarns.  I decorated it with bronze charms, glitter thread tinsel and beads to give it a steampunk feel.

Close-up showing bronze charm decorations

Ohh what fun. After enjoying spectating the Made it Challenge for the last couple of months I’ve finally put together an entry and linked in my crochet hook case. Can’t wait to see what others make this month. 🙂


Really? A new month?? Already???

made it challenge

Yes, the months they do roll into each other rather quickly, don’t they!

But that doesn’t scare us! Naaaah.  Its SPRING here in the South Hemisphere, AUTUMN in the Northern and that gives us all an excuse to made something shiny and new, yipeee!

So, what ya gonna make?! Something warm and cosy? Something soft and floral?

Can’t wait to see what this month produces 🙂

We would like to thank you all for your previous entries for July and August – how awesome . Just take a look at all this talent!!!!

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~ Oh yes, the PRIZE ~

I am going to “open the floor” and invite any of you to donate this months prize! It doesn’t have to be…

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What beautiful buttons. Congrats to Mrs M Makes on 50 followers 🙂 If I was so lucky as to win I would turn the beads into crochet necklace(s) and use some of the buttons on a scarflet pattern which I have my eye on as the perfect autumn accessory.

Mrs M Makes

Last week I found I had 50 followers and decided to have my first ever giveaway. I now have a few more followers. I’m going to send a surprise to whoever wins the giveaway as well as the items below:


1m of five different ribbons


15 painted wooden buttons


An assortment of other buttons


Some lampwork beads


An assortment of other beads

And finally:


A selection of jewellery findings including wire, earring hooks, headpins, ring bases, lobster clasps and more.

To win all of this and the mystery item, write a comment below as to what you might make with the goodies you would get if you win. You can gain an extra entry by either reblogging or mentioning this giveaway on your blog and then writing another comment on here to let me know. The winner must be Mrs M Makes follower.

The giveaway is open until midnight on…

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Awesome giveaway from Millie on her World – fingers crossed for a little bat and panda 🙂


I’ve been meaning to do this for days—my 100 Follower Giveaway! 🙂

Starting this blog has opened up a whole new world for me that I never knew existed! This blog has helped me so much, I find I can be as expressive as I want, not afraid to hold back (normally I am EXTREMELY shy, like I get nervous to say a simple “Hello” to a stranger). Millie on her World has been great for me, but what I love the most is reading your blogs, reading experiences of others is a blast! I love seeing your crafting projects, hearing your funny children’s stories, trying out your recipes, all the wonderful things you share. To thank my followers that take a peak into my life, I’m hosting my first giveaway!

Wondering what you’ll get? 🙂 ofcourse!



I’ll be giving away one of my Chibi Cuties, one Bun Buddy…

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Shells and Squares Bag



I’m always running out of storage space.  Especially since starting this new hobby.  There are so many yarns, WIPS and UFOS that need to be safely stored and transported around.  Additionally I have a minor bag fetish, I love to have a different colour bag to match each outfit, each passion and in all different sizes and shapes.

This is my first bag design and has yet to be tested :O I’d love it if you do make anything with this pattern please send me links. (Or use Raverlry to add your project). If you find any errors or need any clarification please send me a message. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Quick tips

You can alter the length of the bag by increasing or reducing the initial chain – just keep it to a multiple of 3.

The base of the bag can also be made deeper by increasing the number of rows.

The height of the bag can be altered by repeating rows 5-8 until the bag is the height that you want. I tend to end on the square pattern at the top.

Gauge is not essential to this project but will effect the overall size of the bag and the size of the holes. Ajust hook size and wool thickness to suit your own preference.

Line the bag with fabric if you plan on carrying things around in it as the holes are too large for small objects!  I leave mine unlined as I use them for stashing wool, WIPs and UFOs.

Quick instructions for shopping bag size:

I used Robins Chunky wool in 2 contrasting colours, 6.5mm crochet hook
Base of bag

Chain 51 in colour A
Row 2 SC around the chain on both sides to give two rows of sc.
Row 3 Ch2 and turn – sc into each sc for row.

Sides of bag.

You now work in a round  crotcheting around the edge of the bottom bag piece you have formed.
Row 1: Ch3 work 2 dc in same stitch, *skip two stitches, work 3dc into next stitch (shell) *  Continue from * to end of row.
Row 2: Ch3 work 2 dc into space between shell.  *Work dc (shell) into space between each shell.
Row 3:  Join 2nd colour with a ss (colour B).  Chain 3, DC in each stitch around, finish with ss to first stitch.
Row 4: SS so you are beginning in space above shell.  Ch 7 *skip 2, treble into backloop only of next stitch, ch2* repeat * to end of row.
NB Your trebles should be on either side of each shell.
Row 5: Chain 3, dc into each stitch working into back loop only.
Row 6:  Attach colour A into stitch above centre of gap from row 4. Ch 2, dc x2, * skip 2 dc x3 (shell),* repeat * to end ss into first stitch.
Row 7: Chain 3 work 2 dc into space between shell.  *Work dc(shell) into space between each shell.
Row 8: Chain 3 work 2 dc into space between shell.  *Work dc(shell) into space between each shell.

Repeat rows 3-8 until bag is desired height.

Top Trim:

Row 1: Using colour B SC in back loops only.

Row 2: using colour A SC in back loops only

Row 3: Using colour B SC in back loops only.

Bag handles:

Photo0263.jpg image by veldagia

Chain 75 with colour B

Row 1 DC in each chain with colour A

Row 2 Sc in each DC with colour B

Weave in the ends and fill up the bag with lots of goodies.

not your average crochet

It’s to celebrate having so many followers!  Originally it was going to be celebrating 50 followers, but I have 82 now, which is so exciting!

what you get:

First, you get 5 small skeins of different kinds of yarns from KnitPicks.  Personally I like all of them, but the reason I’m sharing these with you is because they are all easy care, and hopefully you’ve never tried them before and can use something new!

Next, you get 3 hooks.  This is what took so long.  I tried to buy 3 Brittany hooks and they were out of 2 of them, so they had to substitute Surina hooks instead.  I think that’s fine, as each of these hooks looks lovely and functional at the same time.  So you get a D hook, an H hook, and a J hook.  I got these sizes because these are the ones I use most…

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Crochet a block a month club

6 inch Crochet squares

Searching around on Ravelry I stumbled upon a group for creating a crotchet square a month. What a wonderful idea. I decided to add this into my usual project list. As its half way through the year I’ll aim to do the first 6 squares asap to catch up.

Square patterns available:…

Chose to do the 6inch squares in Grape and Camel stylecraft yarn. These colours go beautiful together and are suitable for either sex. When completed I intend to fix the squares together into a small blanket.

 Jan 2012 Square 1 – 16 circles

The circular design was interesting to do and produced a pretty square. It took me a few attempts to get the hang of the pattern but I did manage to figure it out. Although I’m not entirely happy with the result. I think if I did again I could produce a neater square.

Feb 2012 Square 2 – Love & Honour

A gorgeous flower square. Easy to follow pattern.

 MarchPhoto0201.jpg image by veldagia  2012 Square 3 – Never fading flower square—evighetsblomst

Pretty flower square in a very easy pattern which works up quickly.