Feather necktie

Capturing  leaves falling through the wind, decorated with  berries cascading and glistening  in the first drops of rain.

I wanted a scarf that was light and airy for the sunny first days of autumn where a chunky scarf is just too warm.  I hoped to capture the beauty of fall so looked for a delicate crochet pattern.  The feathers looked like fragile skeletal leaves,  so I used a light golden brown 2ply yarn to crochet the tie with.   To add a touch more  luxury I entwined exquisite beads onto the ends of the feathers/leaves and to decorate the edging.   I’ve only lightly blocked this to bring out the design, however for more definition a fuller block/starch would be beneficial (see the pattern for how it looks blocked).    But as I tend to twine scarves around my neck/head/waist I have left it a bit crumply.

I just love how versatile it is.  I’ve already worn it a number of ways, tied tightly around the neck like a necklace, worn loose as a scarf, tied around a hairband to create a jeweled headdress and  wrapped around the waist as a loose decorative belt.  It adds a wonderful hint of glamour to any outfit.
 This beautiful pattern is available on Ravelry: Feather Stole by Elizabeth Myers.  It was  easy to crochet following the chart  (just took me a couple of attempts whilst I got my head around what I was meant to be doing).  The original pattern creates a stole but is easily adapted to make thinner and wider designs, instructions on how to do this are even included in the pattern.  I used 3 copies of the feather to create a thin lacey scarf.  I also altered the edging to turn mine into a beaded delight.

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