I was shocked and pleasantly amazed to see I’ve been nominated for a blog award in the first week of blogging.  Huge thank you and sparkly fantasy cookies to Millie on her World for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I’m truly honoured.

I had a bit of a delay with replying to the nomination as I was unsure what I should do – but now think I have this creatively inhand 🙂

7 facts about me:
My wavy hair is dyed extremely bright red,  with purple tones underneath.

I have a wheat allergy – this gives me a great excuse to continually experiment with gluten free cake recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Cooking is a passion and I’m always trying out new recipes I find browsing the internet.

I play MMOs (after my partner lured me into playing an online game and got me addicted).

I’m untidy and a hoarder with a collection of bright glittery sparkly things that would enchant a magpie which I just have to keep in case I need them one day.

My biggest achievement  is getting my degree in biology from the Open University.    I studied via distance learning  whilst  working full time but every sacrifice was worth it as I learned so much.

Loosing myself in Sci-fi or fantasy is the perfect way for me to spend an evening whether burying my head in a book or watching a great film on TV.   I just need to develop the ability to read on my kindle and crochet at the same time.

Blog nominations:
I’ve already found an array of wonderfully  inspiring blogs.  Here are my nominations (from my first week of being here) and what I found on them that I adored.  Beautiful crocheted baby items Wonderful motifs and flowers awesome crochet hats  Amazing cozys and stitch instructions  Fantastic how-tos on making yarn exquisite crochet earings Food glorious food Gorgous crochet

I look forward to discovering even more  interesting blogs in my future weeks here.


5 thoughts on “Nomination

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