RPG Eye Bag

Photo0103.jpg image by veldagia

Everyone has an obsession, a quirk that brings a smile to their face as they ramble on and on.  My latest is crocheting and anything wooly or cotton especially if it sparkles too andI can neatly tangle it into pretty designs.  My partners latest obsession is tabletop rpgs.  He’s had such enduring patience on all my wool shopping trips I wanted to find the perfect thank you gift.  The most amazing patterns could be found  on Ravelry which could combine our two obsessions of RPG and crocheting.  Finally I settled upon a  pouch that looked like an eye.  Perfect for hiscthulhu interest, just the right size to hold a couple of sets of dice.  And ohh so wooly and cute.

The pattern was brilliantly simple to follow.  I’d recommend it to beginners who have mastered the basics of chain stitches, slip stitches, magic loop and hdcs (or dcs to us British).  Using only small amounts of different coloured wool its perfect for using up those end of balls we all acquire and tangle around in the bottom of the stash bags.    I used King Cole Haze Glitter to give a sparkle to the pupil and then random scraps for the rest.   The result was a sweet little eye pouch perfect for my partner to keep his dice in.

Link to pattern:  http://theanticraft.com/archive/imbolc08/catchhiseye.htm


2 thoughts on “RPG Eye Bag

    • Thank you. The stash tote is one that I crocheted. The pattern is from the Purl Bee http://www.purlbee.com/crocheted-stash-basket/ This is a fantastic pattern which is very simple to follow and great illustrations showing each step. It creates a beautiful bag perfect for stashing wool in. I made some minor alterations to the pattern – using treble crochets for the sides – this made it a bit floppier but faster to work up. Hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.

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