So the old sheepskin rug I’ve had forever was looking very tatty.  Not helped by my mums dog deciding that it tasted scrumlishous last time he visited.   The only solution…crochet a replacement.  I had already some thick Robin’s chunky yarn in a delicious cream which felt so nice and soft.  Perfect for naked feet.  And a quick shopping trip produced a brilliant rich red which matched the other red accents in the living room.  Therefore my new hobby was put to use to create a  cheap and cheerful rug to brighten up the room.

A search of Ravelry and I discovered a wonderful pattern which reminded me of a spring flower.  It was suprisingly easy to follow the steps (even for a complete newby like me!)  However I’m not convinced I managed to do the middle sections correctly.  The overall result however is delightful. Chunky bright and soft and wonderfully cheap to do for £5 of yarn and a few hours of time.

Original Pattern – Virkattu Juhannusruusu matto –—crochet-rug-midsummer-rose


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