Hi I’m Veldagia and over the past couple of months I’ve become addicted to wool. From thin sparkly cotton thread that slips between your fingers to fluffy chunks that warmly wrap you up. Anything I can get my hands on to manipulate with a little hook into delightful creations. I spend far too much time browsing online looking for the next bargain to add to my ever expanding stash. Or dragging my reluctant better half after me whilst I have to feel every yarn, assess every colour in the local habidashery. I’ve found that with one little hook and a ball of wool I can express my creativity and satisfy my cravings for unique handmade art. So I can often be found crocheting away whilst watching TV and sipping tea. This blog is a little extra sprinkling on top to share my love of crochet with the online community.

Happy yarning



One thought on “Hello

  1. I can relate!! My sweet and very patient hubby follows me around and touches all the yarn as well. He always offers an opinion even when he has no idea what I’m talking about.lol I would also like to add how much I love your tote made of yarn to house your yarn! Adorable and completely characteristic of a yarn junkie.

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