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Pink Sparkly Mobile Cover

  My mobile was in desperate  need of jazzing up – so dull and grey.  Therefore a new pink purple and sparkly cover was in order.

Hows its made :  I used a pattern from Lisemore as my inspiration as it was so simple and cute:

Basically all you need to do is chain to fit around the phone.    Treble crochet (uk)  in the round until its the height you want and decorate.   This pattern is great as you can hide all your colour changes on the inside with minimal weaving in of ends. I added a trimming using single crochet around the top with some fluffy pink sparkly bobbly  wool I’d been saving for special decorations.  And a picot flower for some floral goodness.

I’m now able to search out the phone from within my  very very cluttered handbag.


Bubbly doggy bagness

Several days have been  filled with the joy of learning a new stitch and a different method of making stable bags.

Photo0208.jpg image by veldagia

1) Two yarns held and crocheted together provide a chunky structure for a bag.
2) The bubble or popcorn stitch.  This pattern used the method of:  “4DC in next stitch. Drop loop from hook; insert hook from front to back in top
of 1st DC, grab dropped loop and pull through stitch.  This forms a quirky little bubble stitch.”

These were put to great use during the construction of a new bag.  I chose Black red and gold colour-scheme so it would match most of my evening clothes.    I was pleased with the final result however I think it does need lining before I could use it to transport items around in.  At the moment it is being used as a project bag to store all my works in progress.

Pattern for the bubble bag can be found here: Its very easy to follow to produce a wonderful bag.    I made alterations of adding  rows of DC between the bubble rows.  This meant that the bag worked up faster and  I think it may have used a little less yarn.  Details of the wool I used etc can be found on my Ravelry project page:

I’ve also started on my next bag (my own design!!)  However this has been interrupted by a new canine addition to our family.  We adopted her from the rescue centre and on first impressions she seems the perfect crocheting companion.  However she does like to snuggle into the wool/me as I try to crochet so progress has been slower but even more entertaining.


I was shocked and pleasantly amazed to see I’ve been nominated for a blog award in the first week of blogging.  Huge thank you and sparkly fantasy cookies to Millie on her World for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I’m truly honoured.

I had a bit of a delay with replying to the nomination as I was unsure what I should do – but now think I have this creatively inhand 🙂

7 facts about me:
My wavy hair is dyed extremely bright red,  with purple tones underneath.

I have a wheat allergy – this gives me a great excuse to continually experiment with gluten free cake recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Cooking is a passion and I’m always trying out new recipes I find browsing the internet.

I play MMOs (after my partner lured me into playing an online game and got me addicted).

I’m untidy and a hoarder with a collection of bright glittery sparkly things that would enchant a magpie which I just have to keep in case I need them one day.

My biggest achievement  is getting my degree in biology from the Open University.    I studied via distance learning  whilst  working full time but every sacrifice was worth it as I learned so much.

Loosing myself in Sci-fi or fantasy is the perfect way for me to spend an evening whether burying my head in a book or watching a great film on TV.   I just need to develop the ability to read on my kindle and crochet at the same time.

Blog nominations:
I’ve already found an array of wonderfully  inspiring blogs.  Here are my nominations (from my first week of being here) and what I found on them that I adored.  Beautiful crocheted baby items Wonderful motifs and flowers awesome crochet hats  Amazing cozys and stitch instructions  Fantastic how-tos on making yarn exquisite crochet earings Food glorious food Gorgous crochet

I look forward to discovering even more  interesting blogs in my future weeks here.

not your average crochet

It’s to celebrate having so many followers!  Originally it was going to be celebrating 50 followers, but I have 82 now, which is so exciting!

what you get:

First, you get 5 small skeins of different kinds of yarns from KnitPicks.  Personally I like all of them, but the reason I’m sharing these with you is because they are all easy care, and hopefully you’ve never tried them before and can use something new!

Next, you get 3 hooks.  This is what took so long.  I tried to buy 3 Brittany hooks and they were out of 2 of them, so they had to substitute Surina hooks instead.  I think that’s fine, as each of these hooks looks lovely and functional at the same time.  So you get a D hook, an H hook, and a J hook.  I got these sizes because these are the ones I use most…

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Circle Headband Pattern


A basic little pattern that works up quickly into a delightful headband. Given the simplicity of this pattern I’m probably not the first person to do this!!! But I thought I’d share on here as its perfect for people who like quick and easy patterns. 

 I made this one as a gift for my sister to say thank you for teaching me how to bake macaroons.


Chain a multiple of 8 sts. (So there are enough to fit comfortably around your head.)

Row 1: Ch 1, sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 1, sk next 3 ch, in next ch make (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc), ch 1, sk 3 ch, sc in next ch (shell made). Rep from * all around ending the last rep with sl st in first sc to join.

Row 2: Turn so you are crocheting back along the original chain (the shells will form a circle with the previous shell). Ch3 *in centre on shell (3dc, ch1, 3dc) ch1, sk 3 chain . Sc in next chain (where you had previously sc in row 1), ch 1. Repeat from * End last repeat with sl st in first sc to join.

To join : Sl st into the opposite end of the headband taking care to ensure it is not twisted.

To decorate: Add flowers to cover the join. I used 2Petal Puff Stitch Flowers as these are wonderfully simple to make.

Flower pattern from Easy Makes it Happy

Although I’m from the UK I have used American terminology for the pattern. A conversion table for stitches can be found here:

Abbreviations used: Ch – chain dc – double crochet, SC – single crochet, Sl st – slip stitch. sk – skip

Apologies for the poor quality of these photos  – taken on my mobile phone as I don’t have access to a digital camera at the moment.

,Photo0215.jpg image by veldagia

RPG Eye Bag

Photo0103.jpg image by veldagia

Everyone has an obsession, a quirk that brings a smile to their face as they ramble on and on.  My latest is crocheting and anything wooly or cotton especially if it sparkles too andI can neatly tangle it into pretty designs.  My partners latest obsession is tabletop rpgs.  He’s had such enduring patience on all my wool shopping trips I wanted to find the perfect thank you gift.  The most amazing patterns could be found  on Ravelry which could combine our two obsessions of RPG and crocheting.  Finally I settled upon a  pouch that looked like an eye.  Perfect for hiscthulhu interest, just the right size to hold a couple of sets of dice.  And ohh so wooly and cute.

The pattern was brilliantly simple to follow.  I’d recommend it to beginners who have mastered the basics of chain stitches, slip stitches, magic loop and hdcs (or dcs to us British).  Using only small amounts of different coloured wool its perfect for using up those end of balls we all acquire and tangle around in the bottom of the stash bags.    I used King Cole Haze Glitter to give a sparkle to the pupil and then random scraps for the rest.   The result was a sweet little eye pouch perfect for my partner to keep his dice in.

Link to pattern:


So the old sheepskin rug I’ve had forever was looking very tatty.  Not helped by my mums dog deciding that it tasted scrumlishous last time he visited.   The only solution…crochet a replacement.  I had already some thick Robin’s chunky yarn in a delicious cream which felt so nice and soft.  Perfect for naked feet.  And a quick shopping trip produced a brilliant rich red which matched the other red accents in the living room.  Therefore my new hobby was put to use to create a  cheap and cheerful rug to brighten up the room.

A search of Ravelry and I discovered a wonderful pattern which reminded me of a spring flower.  It was suprisingly easy to follow the steps (even for a complete newby like me!)  However I’m not convinced I managed to do the middle sections correctly.  The overall result however is delightful. Chunky bright and soft and wonderfully cheap to do for £5 of yarn and a few hours of time.

Original Pattern – Virkattu Juhannusruusu matto –—crochet-rug-midsummer-rose